Snapper Slapper Tournament

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Palms Snapper Slapper Tournament. Our goal is to just have fun and enjoy the brief window of opportunity our bureaucrats at NOAA have so graciously provided.  We know running out 10 to 20 miles for one fish per person doesn’t make much sense so let’s try to make it a little more interesting. This annual event promises to be even better than our innaugural tournament. Additional sponsors are on board this year with great prizes to sweeten the pot for our Juniors, Ladies, Military and Veterans, as well as our first reponders. We sincerely appreciate all anglers and hope everyone has a memorable day of Snapper Slappin'.


Captains Meeting: July 11 (Thursday) - 7 pm at Palms Fish Camp Restaurant
6359 Heckscher Dr. on Clapboard Creek - ALL CAPTAINS MUST ATTEND
Fishing Date: 7/13/19 Fishing may start at safe light morning of tournament
Scales open at 3:00 pm and close at 5 pm
Fish may be brought to scales by boat or motor vehicle.
Cash Awards & Prizes : Saturday evening at 7:00 pm
For any additional information contact Bruce Hall 904-622-6519

Snapper Slapper Dri Fit shirts are available at Palms Fish Camp now and will also be available at the captains meeting and tournament day while supplies last. Long sleeve Dri fit $35 and short sleeve dri fit $30.


FISHING DATE: July 13, 2019 weather date July 14, 2019
PAYOUT: Amount of cash awards is based on the number of boats entering the tournament. Cash prizes will be adjusted depending on participation.The minimum payout of entry fees will be 90% with 10% being used for tournament expenses.
REGISTRATION: All entries/boats must be represented at captains meeting, registration must be completed prior to captains meeting.
HOURS OF FISHING: Safe light morning of tournament BOATS MUST BE NORTH OF CLAPBOARD CREEK BRIDGE BY 5:00PM for weigh in.
SCALE LOCATION: At the Palms Fish Camp Restaurant - tiki bar deck. Fish may be brought to scales by boat or motor vehicle. Must be in line by 5:00 pm.
RULES COMMITTEE: The comittee shall be the sole judge of any violation of the rules. Decisions are final.
ANGLING METHODS: Rod and Reel, No electric reels no spear fishing.
JUNIOR ANGLERS: Are defined as anyone 14 years of age or younger.
MILITARY ANGLERS: Are defined as active duty or retired military who possess a valid military ID OR VA card.
PRIZES Cash Prizes and awards will be paid for 1st. Place - 10th Place Largest Fish. Non-cash prizes will be awarded to Junior Angler, Lady Angler, Military Angler, and First Responder Angler weighing heaviest fish in their category. We will also offer a mystery weight prize for Red Snapper. The mystery weigh has already been selected by the rules committee. The weight will be revealed at the awards ceremony and all anglers are encouraged to weigh in for a chance to win the Yeti Cooler.
SIZE LIMITS: Must meet requirements allowed by the State of Florida and Federal Law. A valid State of Florida fishing license is required.
FISH CONDITION: All fish must be in acceptable condition. The rules committee reserves the right to disqualify any fish entry because of mutilation, poor condition, freezing etc.
PROTESTS: Any protest must be presented to weigh- master by the close of the scales. A $200 (cash only) protest fee must accompany the protest application. In the event the protest is upheld, the fee will be refunded. If the protest proves to be invalid by the Rules Committee the protest fee will be forfeited.
WINNERS: Winners will be determined by weight. In a case of a tie the earliest weighed fish will be declared the winner. Polygraph test may be administered at the discretion of the Rules Committee.
COOK YOUR CATCH: Your cleaned catch can be cooked by our chef at $9.95 a dinner comes with two sides and drink.
CHANGES TO RULES: All rules are subject to change at the Captains Meeting. Decision to fish is a personal decision. Entry into this tournament is voluntary and the tournament is not responsible for accidents, incidents or injury based on your decison to participate. * Tournament proceeds are defined as registration fees less 10% admin fees.
based on 50 boat entry*
1st $3500
2nd $2000
3rd $1000
4th $600
5th $400
6th $350
7th $325
8th $300
9th $275
10th $250
*-10% admin expenses
PRIZES (to be announced at Capt. Meeting)
Lady Angler
Junior Angler (14 or under)
Military Angler,
First Responder (Police / Firemen)

Palms Snapper Slapper Tournament finish time


wins a Yeti Cooler

Courtesy of Champion Brands 

2019 Registration Form






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